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UltraMax AB Dual Channel

UltraMax AB Dual Channel

Product Review (submitted on March 25, 2018):
My husband and I were in San Antonio on business. My neck is broken and I was suffering greatly after a tedious 3-flight journey to get there from the UK. A stand in a mall was demoing these machines, and I agreed to try the pads on my neck . . . and after the demo we went to lunch to consider, as this was an expensive purchase. For the first time in a very long time I could move my head a little. My husband had damaged his ITB running the London Marathon, so we tried the pads on his knee. It's not often I fork out several hundred dollars at a stand in a mall in a city I will likely never revisit, but we were both so impressed with the results we decided that it was worth the cost of 10 visits to the physiotherapist to get the whole kit. I only wish they had had the gloves at the same time. . They should also offer the option of international postage as I will need the pads replacing at some point.